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Robert Kalit

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Robert Kalit

s, Romania

General info

1.    How did you come to the leather industry?
In childhood, sometimes, I visited my father's tannery. It was not far from our house. I was attracted to how the skin transformed into something new. From a hide with unpleasant aspect and bad smell, at the end of operations I discovered something colorful, glossy, with a particular flagrance. I was very curious to see the transformations. I was never bored and always found something to play with, and then imitated what took place in tanneries. There were days I spent entirely there and only hunger brought me home. Growing up I did not move away from the tannery but I came closer to it.  So, over the years, after finishing my studies, I’ve come to work in it. It is very fulfilling as a pursuit and a work place.
   2. What is the job that you are performing in the leather industry?
Everything dealing with mechanical processing and finishing. I’m also in charge of raw material acquisition, coming from various animal species. Also, I accompany my father, who is the owner of the company, in various trips and business talks.
   3. What qualifications or training did you do to be there?
I gained all qualifications at the work place, where my teachers were my father and my cousin. They told me everything, sincerely, excluding any mistake of mine in my activity which would have caused damage or would have affected my health or physical integrity.
  4. What do you most appreciate in your job?
I like what I do. It’s my family business. I am of great help to my family. I have a role model in terms of professional skill: the man who gave me my life. The activity constantly provides me with a professional challenge, provides me with financial means, for a decent life and for my hobby: engines.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • My job constantly provides me with a professional challenge
  • Works at:
  • Kalit SRL
  • Job:
  • Wet-end worker and management assistant

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