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Gábor Schüszler

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Gábor Schüszler

Piroskai út, Szolnok, Hungary

General info

I started to work as a simple operator, and under the wings of Eagle Ottawa I have had the possibility to learn and become more and more efficient. Sometimes I fly, but sometimes I fall, but I still work in the same company because my managers saw what I was capable of.

I love all the jobs I have had the opportunity to take on and I have tried to make the best of them.

After my operator period, I was the opportunity to become a machine operator. Thanks to that job I was able to learn more about production and see how a simple crust becomes a masterpiece in a luxury car. I had the possibility to meet with production development workers and watch how they improve our products. I have to tell you that I am not mechanically-minded so I had problems with the machine settings. But still, as I look back, I think it was good for me because I could see how we set the color and how importance and essential this work is.

After this machinery work, I had the opportunity to apply to become a purchaser. I could then learn about the huge variety of items needed to produce a hide; from pens to chemicals, through hammers and computers. I have to admit I failed in that job. I didn’t have the necessary skills for it, but I really enjoyed the continuous problems that needed to be solved in production and get all the information they needed. I was lucky because my colleagues were very supportive and helped me whenever I needed it (and believe me, I was in need). With time I gained practice so I could sometimes give back assistance when needed although it wasn’t enough to be successful. But now I can teach my replacement not to make the same mistakes I did.

In return, they offered me the line controller position. In this function I have to look at production from a whole new point of view, that of Quality. I had to learn the conditions of a good raw hide and what weas needed to keep it that way so the final product is as good as the raw material. I learned more about the importance in leather production of keeping machines clean and in good condition. I realized how smoothly a good machine operator and a color matcher can work together. I learned the value of sound communication, but sometimes even this good environment can’t prevent something from going wrong and I was able to learn management solutions to problems. As a line controller, I had the possibility to meet people of other nationalities and learn how they solve some of the problems faced in production.

In time and with the unfortunate crisis in the economy, I was no longer needed as an controller but they offered me to become a lab technician. I came to love the job. I learned more about our leather and the quality of our products day by day. Over the years I spent in the lab, I had the best boss in the world, talented and supportive. I learned about the different requirements of our buyers and how important they were. I learned a lot from this job, from unique equipment through to gaining the confidence to express my opinion. In that period I witnessed a very fast expansion as the financial crisis ended.  But sometimes, with time you realize you want to learn more.

So after six years in the lab, I decided to move on and I spoke with the leader of Production Development who offered me a new and exciting job. And now we have reached my present job as a TIP technician (Test In Production). I am responsible for searching for items in production and monitoring them until they are done. I have to arrange meetings and sample reviews. At these meetings I can learn more and more from our management. Every day is a new challenge, I don’t know what special tasks I will get and whom to go for to get information. It might seem I have a hard job, but I have good and supportive colleages, from whom I can always get help from and also good management that keeps doors open.

My mother told me once “Son, choose a job that you like because you’ll have to do it for forty years.” I think (after 10 years in Eagle Ottawa) I made the right choice. There is a high variety of jobs you can chose from.

From A to Z, you can make the decision that works for you. You can learn and become anything you want. I can’t really tell you how many different jobs I have had, but, believe me, if I started to make a list, it would take a lot time to write it down.

I hope I convinced you to join our company.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • From A to Z, you can make the decision that works for you. You can learn and become anything you want.
  • Works at:
  • Eagle Ottawa
  • Job:
  • Test In Production technician

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