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Elena Poiana

Elena Poiana

Strada Lucretiu Patrascanu, nr.16, Bucharest, Romania

General info

1.    How did you come to the leather industry?
In the end of chemistry high school, I got a job offer at the Leather and Footwear Research Institute – Pilot station, where I was going to take care of finishing operations. And because this activity means creating colour combinations – something I have always found fascinating – I accepted on the spot.
2.    What is the job that you are performing in the leather industry?
Tanner technician, focused on:
-    leather, splits surface finishing;
-    mechanical operations related to surface finishing;
-    Micro Hot Table tests on historical leather and parchment.
3.    What qualifications or training did you do to be there?
-    Industrial high school – chemistry profile;
-    All training courses carried out at the workplace.
4.    What do you most appreciate in your job?
The challenge of creating a colour, by combining the available shades.                                  

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • I appreciate the challenge of creating a colour by combining the available shades
  • Works at:
  • Job:
  • Tanner technician

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