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Norbert Tóvizi

Norbert Tóvizi

Piroskai út, Szolnok, Hungary

General info

1. How did you get into the Leather Industry?

It wasn’t intentional. I desperately needed a job, so I sent my resume to as many places I could and Eagle Ottawa offered me a job at the Research and Development Department after a succesful interview.

2. Can you tell me your current job at the firm?

At the moment I am the leader of the Product Development Department. One day I would like to part of the technical team but for now I try to learn as much as I can from our technicians.

3. As the leader of the Product Developement Department could you describe your daily routine?

I have to take care of the incoming product development demands, design and then construct them. It’s important to coordinate with my team and keep in contact with the production department and the customers.

4. Is there anything you would like to achieve?

One of my goals is to make the production department understand why we are here, what our job is and why it is important, and then cooperate as real partners and not as competitors.

5. Do you have any education or qualifications?

Unfortunately I don’t have any qualifications. As I said I needed a job and the Eagle Ottawa accepted my application probably because of my knowledge of computer science, English and German. Everything I know I’ve learnt here in the last seven years. Currently, I am planning to start college and get a degree.

6. Do you love your job?

Suprisingly, I really love my job and I am more interested in it with every single day even though I have never planned to work in the leather industry. I would like to learn, achieve more goals and create something new.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • I have to take care of the incoming product development demands, design and then construct them.
  • Works at:
  • Eagle Ottawa
  • Job:
  • Product Development Department Supervisor

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