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Leticia Melo Dos Santos

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Leticia Melo Dos Santos

St Georges Ave, Northampton, United Kingdom

General info

After finishing her degree in chemical engineering, Leticia was given the opportunity to complete her MSc on the fat-liquoring process of leather manufacture. At that time, she had no idea about leather industry but, working in a tannery as part of her studies, she fell in love with all the chemical processes involved. For Leticia, it was fascinating to see all the chemicals involved in a process that she describes as ‘kind of a art’. She was very surprised at how much went into making leather and the chemistry involved.

Although she had previously worked in the petrochemical industry, Leticia opted to continue her studies in leather by taking a PhD place at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies at The University of Northampton where she is currently researching a new vegetable tanning process. There is a very large amount of study to be done and pressure to publish papers in academic journals. This is not easy but she describes it as a good challenge. She is also lecturing at the University and may consider lecturing as a career option for the future.

Leticia enjoys studying and analysing the results of her work. She likes the fact that she is doing something new and finds research very fulfilling. She believes that there is lots of room for development of leather but the challenge will be breaking traditional mindsets. 

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • Tanning is kind of an art
  • Works at:
  • Institute of Creative Leather Technology
  • Job:
  • Post-graduate research student

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