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Gabriela Neagulov

Gabriela Neagulov

Strada Lucretiu Patrascanu, nr.16, Bucharest, Romania

General info

1.    How did you come to the leather industry?
I come from an area with few jobs. At the end of high school in 1988, an uncle, in a act of goodwill, brought me to Bucharest. He found me a job in a synthetic fibre factory. In 1991, I got a job at the Leather and Footwear Research Institute and I have been working there ever since.
2.    What is the job that you are performing in the leather industry?
Fur Technician.
3.    What qualifications or training did you do to be there?

All training courses carried out at the workplace.  

4.    What do you most appreciate in your job?
The job well done. Tanning is a set of operations. Everything must be done on time and correctly. When you see and touch the finished product you feel content. This comes from the essential reward, that you experience day by day, at the end of the working hours.   

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • When you see and touch the finished product, you feel content.
  • Works at:
  • Job:
  • Tanning technician

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