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Eugen Albu

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Eugen Albu


General info

1 - How did you come to the leather industry?

After finishing high-school, I decided to continue my training by following university studies. My option leaned towards the technical, practical sciences. Of these, I was attracted to leather processing. I have been fascinated with leather and fur items ever since I was a child. Thus, it was natural for me to choose this specialization. And so I became a leather engineer.

2 – What job are you performing in the leather industry?

I am the technical coordinator of the production chain, from raw material sorting to the finished product.

3 - What qualification or training did you do to be there?

Training at the Polytechnic Institute, specialising in leather processing technology and continued training throughout over 30 years of activity in the same tannery.

4 - What do you (most) appreciate in your job?

I like the technical challenge: to create or reproduce leather under the best conditions of time, price, quality, given that no raw hide is identical to another.

To work in a team where fair play, harmony, mutual aid and serenity prevail.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • I love to work in a team where fair play, harmony, mutual aid and serenity prevail.
  • Works at:
  • Pielorex
  • Job:
  • Technical coordinator

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