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Bokamoso MMapats

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Bokamoso MMapats

St Georges Ave, Northampton, United Kingdom

General info

Bokamoso was studying for a degree in chemistry and trying to decide what to do with his life. His father suggested that, because of the technical and scientific aspects, he should join him in the leather industry. During his summer holidays, he worked for a tannery in South Africa but, as he knew nothing about leather manufacture, his first role was sweeping the floor. His first impression of the tannery was the smell but enjoyed the processes involved in leather manufacturing. He was fascinated by the complexity of the process and overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’ of leather manufacture.

After he finished his degree, he wanted to further develop his knowledge and, on his father’s advice, came to the Institute Creative Leather Technologies at The University of Northampton. He is currently working towards his PhD and carrying out research into the reduction of water usage in leather manufacture. This is entirely novel research and requires him to be focussed, determined and motivated. However, he loves his work and enjoys the challenge of the research. In fact, he regards doing anything else as a waste of time when he could be doing the research that he really loves.

Bokamoso describes getting involved in leather research as ‘The best decision you ever made’. He believes that there is a lot of scope for development of leather and for the production of biomaterials from the by-products of leather manufacture. The diversity of leather means that it will be here in the future and that his children will ’probably be working in the leather industry’.

  • What (s)he says about the job:
  • The best decision you ever made
  • Works at:
  • Institute of Creative Leather Technology
  • Job:
  • Post-graduate research student

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