The Euroleather Shop

Looking for information on the European Leather Industry?
Trying to illustrate a school lesson on leather?
Searching for the latest training material?
Wondering how to translate "fat-liquoring" into Portuguese?

Here are a few tools, some of them entirely free, that may be of help:

Self Training Kit for the Leather Industry 


EUREKA, the Training Multilingual Leather Technical Dictionary

2300 entries in 9 languages

50 Euros (The CD, created in 2001, might no longer be compatible with recent exploitation systems)

Science and Technology in the Leather Industry

On-line brochure explaining the impact of science on the tanning industry and promoting leather to the general public, with an emphasis on young students. Available in 6 languages.


"Leather works in progress" video

Illustrates how science has improved the production of leather.

FREE download

FAIR: Factors affecting the quality of hides and skins

Under this 38-month project (1998 to 2001), ten European partners developed a network of European researchers working on hide and skin quality. Their aim was to exchange information in order to enable co-ordination of efforts, to produce a range of information on protecting hide and skin quality - including leaflets, computer training packages and a web site, and to develop a working document outlining the needs for further work.

The training software (CD-ROM) can be obtained from COTANCE.