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Due Diligence survey extended

Due Diligence Survey for Healthy Workplaces in Tanneries extended until 25th of January 2018

Tuesday 21st of November was by far the best day in terms of responses collected for the COTANCE & industriAll-Europe survey looking at the opinions of the stakeholders of the leather value chain with regard to reporting on tannery workplace safety. On that day the University of Northampton running the survey collected 19 responses, but no working day passes without several contributions to the survey, including weekends, and the pace seems to have accelerated lately.

In terms of stakeholder categories, the one regarding Tanners & Trade Unions obviously comes first with 60% of the entries, followed by the general category of “other stakeholders” (public authorities, NGOs, consumers, etc) with 15%. “Brands & leather buyers” gets a 13% score, and “Tannery suppliers” arrive at 12%.

In roughly one month the sector’s Social Partners have collected valid responses well above the 100 mark, which is considered by survey practitioners a fairly good result in such kind of exercises. Indeed, beyond a certain response level, further contributions have little impact on the overall percentages and only help to provide further robustness to the overall results.

But this is precisely what COTANCE and industriAll-Europe want; enhancing the results with a particularly strong participation. This is why they have agreed to extend the survey until January 25, 2018.

Everybody in the leather value chain is invited to participate, from the tannery worker to the brand manager, including chemicals and machinery suppliers as well as test houses, NGOs following the industry, sector associations and public authorities.

COTANCE and industriAll-Europe are particularly interested in getting more responses from brands, leather articles manufacturers, and from distributors and retailers. These are the stakeholder categories that have most to gain from Due Diligence in their supply chain.

Brussels, 18 December 2017


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