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Visit to reborn Iris factory

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Giuseppe Baiardo receives COTANCE General Assembly delegates in his revolutionary Concept Footwear Plant

Iris Group CEO, Giuseppe Baiardo, currently within the Onward Kashiyama Luxury Group, opened to COTANCE delegates the doors of the newly inaugurated plant in the Riviera del Brento.

The representatives of the European leather industry and their European Commission guest of honour, Mr Jean Fran├žois Aguinaga, had the opportunity to learn about the highly sophisticated business model that provides high-end brands top level services from the idea of a pair of shoes born in the creative mind of a stylist until the industrialisation of production passing through crucial steps from design to prototyping including 3D modelling.

Giuseppe Baiardo invited his hosts to a concluding drink in the reception facilities on the roof of the futuristic building where he entertained further passionate exchanges with them.

COTANCE expressed its gratitude for the eye-opening tour of the facilities and the kind and pleasant hospitality.